Juice: A Podcast that is Real. raw. Juicy.

Recorded weekly in Austin, Texas, Juice is a podcast with three, beautiful black women who give a raw, real persepctive on topics like love, sex, sports, politics, and more. We want to shed light on topics that affect our gender, generation, and community in a way that's candid and never sugar-coated and shows that while black women are bold and magical, we don't all fit into a mold. 





Her name speaks for itself. She is beautiful, feisty and, of course, chokality. She serves up the "Dear Juice" segment, giving listeners some real, and sometimes, petty advice on life. She also manages business operations for Juice Squad and her own event planning company. 


Ash the Floet


She is a spoken word artist who tells the truth whether you're going to like it or not. She brings listeners the "Juicy Fruit" segment to help them spice up their love lives with tips and tricks they may have never considered. She also manages guest appearances for Juice Squad.


C Money

She is a firecracker, a "savage" in her own right,  and a woman who speaks her mind. She gives our listeners "Just Juice It," covering sports news and entertainment. She also manages graphic design and social media for Juice Squad.